Family Finding in Mexico Begins With a Name

Every process has a starting point. A family finding search starts with the name of the parent or family member you want to find. When doing family finding for someone in Mexico, the other vital piece of information you must have is the state in Mexico where this person lives or lived. These are the two building blocks of information necessary before a family finding search can be conducted. So let’s look at the structure of the name and its importance in a family finding case.This particular case involved the identification and location of biological grandparents in Mexico. The only available information was the city and the one apellido. If you are unfamiliar with Spanish, apellido is the term for last name, commonly referred to as a surname. Now when I say that your starting point is a name, I’m always referring to a complete name that includes both the father and mother’s last names.Let’s say that you have only one surname and it’s Hernandez, one of the top 10 most popular names in Mexico, then more information would be needed to have any real hope of finding any adult relatives. In this case, the surname of the child’s grandparents was listed as Gaimes. The city given for the family finding search was San Luis Potosi. Gaimes is not a very common name so a search was done to see if there were indications of any records with this surname in San Luis Potosi.Unfortunately, no evidence was found that there are records for anyone in San Luis Potosi having the surname Gaimes. The family finding search was extended to several cities beyond San Luis Potosi. Nothing. At this point, the surname Gaimes is now suspect. I like the principal of Occam’s Razor when it comes to a family finding in Mexico. This principle states that when there are two competing theories making exactly the same predictions, the simpler one is the better. In this case, which is the more likely, that all of the Gaimes family left San Luis Potosi or that Gaimes may be a misspelling?When no records are identified, it often indicates that there is a misspelling of the surname. An expert in Onomastics, the study of proper names, reviewed the surname Gaimes. After an exhaustive search, no record could be found of Gaimes as a Hispanic surname. This search included surname origins from Spain and most of Latin America. The closest surname spelling was Gamez that shows up in many Spanish countries.Of course, not everyone who lives in Mexico has ancestry in Mexico so it’s quite possible that Gaimes is a legitimate surname from non-Hispanic origins. However, with no indication of the existence of current records with this surname, the probability is that Gaimes is a misspelling. The good news is that a potential issue has been identified. There is still the possibility that after review, better information can be gathered for a renewed family finding effort.Anyone in Child Welfare should be familiar with the Fostering Connections Act of 2008 that requires state agencies to do family finding to identify and notify biological adult family members, especially grandparents, when a child is entering foster care. It’s also the law for organizations to do family finding to notify a biological parent in cases where a child is up for adoption. Unfortunately, family finding in Mexico can be very challenging as this case demonstrates.It’s important for state agencies to acknowledge that specialized family finding services are often needed to help with cases involving family members, in Mexico, of children in foster care. This case is still ongoing and now that an expert in Onomastics has reviewed the information, it’s possible that better information will allow for another family finding search that can ultimately unite the grandparents with their grandchild.

Capture Wonderful Memories With Family Portraits

Many families love to take impromptu pictures. However, when looking through photo albums later in life, many kids and parents notice an absence of complete family portrait photos. It’s not hard to know how this tends to happen – usually one loved one is holding your camera and taking the photos. For this reason, many of your family photographs will include some family members, but not often every family member. If you want to have a better photographic history of you and your family, then it really is smart to work harder to have more complete family portrait photographs taken as the family gets older.Professional Family PortraitsEven though professional portraits will be more expensive than the pictures you take with your own camera, they can be a great addition to the remainder of your family’s photograph history. Some families want to have a tradition of having their loved ones portrait taken at some significant time of the year, like during the holidays. Since these photographs are taken with a professional, they usually have a much higher quality as opposed to quick snapshots that a person would take with their own camera. Attractive backdrops, perfect lighting conditions, and often props will help generate photographs that the family will highly treasure. Not only can you put these photos in family albums, but they’re an easy way that you can decorate the house. Simply place a few of these professionally taken family portraits in picture frames, displaying them over the mantel, shelf or table.Family Vacation PhotosFamily vacations are an excellent opportunity to take photos together as a family. However, many vacation photos are taken by members of the family, so it’s common to have a single person missing from each photo. To create complete mementos of your vacations, try to look for ways to get everybody in the photo together. Frequently tourist attractions and theme parks can take pictures of the whole family together. This is one terrific way for you to have a vacation picture of your entire family enjoying a great time together. You could also ask a stranger to take a photo of your entire family with your camera. Although you might worry that somebody might just run off with your camera, the truth is most people are honest and would be pleased to help you take a family portrait. It can be fun to devote an entire shelf to family holiday photos, attractively displayed in picture frames.Photo CollagesBuilding a photo collage is an additional good way to feature all members of the family. Often times you will see that you’ve got a pile of some terrific photos, and not one photo has each individual family member within it. One way that you could solve this matter is simply by arranging your photographs in a collage fashion and create a single photo display out of your whole collection of photographs. When you use this method you can frame holiday, vacation, or everyday photos and have every family member included. Another bonus to this particular way is that photo collages can end up more interesting and artistic than a single photograph. A different way to display multiple photographs is in some specially designed frames that contain multiple openings.So, do not allow any more time to pass. Capture your whole family inside a family portrait, and you will be glad that you did.